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Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012


One Question for ou guys. What do ou connect with showergel and cigaretts? Well, obviously nothing. First one is essential for everyone, the second one isn´t too good for us,but sometimes kind of tasty:D But...yeah..one brand started to hit the cosmetic market: JPS! The result is a great range of great body creams+showergels. Smell maskulin and fresh on the same time. I decided to buy one bottle of the Black Serie. 500ml for six euro. Fair enough:-)

The second product I recommend to use is a Hydra Energy wake up gel from L´oreal Paris. It smells good, gives our skin a fresh boost, ou feel powerful and ready for the day after using it. By the way it cleans our skin from dirt and acne too. Try it out!:-)

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